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DeLand blinds company Since 1997 the professionals at American Blinds have been providing high quality shades, shutters, and blinds to homeowners all across Central Florida. We have built a reputation in Deland as a company that our clients to trust to provide dependable service and top of the line products. No matter what type of window treatment you’re into you, count on our Orlando shutter company to find blinds, shutters, and shades that are perfect for your personal taste and style. We custom design window treatment that enhances any room environment. Contact us today and let us help you launch your new window treatment project.

Poly core Shutters

Poly core custom shutters are an attractive, first-rate, window product that has the look of natural wood shutters, but is made from more durable materials that last a lot longer. With Poly core shutters you can enjoy both the aesthetic qualities and the sturdiness that is designed from the inside out. Poly core is made from an aluminum base and given a protective coating the never needs to be repainted or refinished. This makes them easy to maintain and easy to clean. Poly core is also a more affordable choice that natural shutters, but provides the same great features.

Traditional Draperies For Your Home

With their timeless appeal and filtering qualities, draperies still stand out as one of the most popular window products on the market today. With draperies, the possibilities for decorating your home are endless. You can choose from a wide array of features, styles, patterns, and colors that easily accent any room. Draperies offer absolute coverage in order to give you maximum privacy and protection from the sunlight and the heat. Draperies can be custom cut to suit any
dimension and size, and can easily be implemented into any room.

Have Your Considered Window Tinting?

Window tinting provides a completely unique alternative to traditional treatment. There are several distinctive benefits such as great patterns and textures, fine-tuned tones and colors, extremely easy installation and removal, and minimal maintenance. Window tint can act as a supplement to shades, shutters, or blinds, or can stand alone as a great accent to your room. With window tint you can get the same benefits of privacy and protection from the sun and heat, while
enjoying a spectacular panoramic view of the outside.

Great Natural Wood Blinds

For a completely natural look, check out our great selection of woven wood blinds. Woven wood instantly creates a relaxed feel that accents any bathroom, kitchen, and really looks great in your Florida Room. Woven wood blinds allow partial sunlight into the room. This creates a warm environment that gives you a feeling of serenity. They’re made from as reeds, grass, wood, bamboo, and other environmentally friendly materials. All woven wood shades are hand-made for
ultra durability. They’re easy to maintain, and easy to clean.

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