AluCore Poly Shutters in Orlando, FL

When it comes to living in Orlando, you want your windows to always look great just as well as the rest of your home. Florida’s temperatures can get humid really quickly so now you can combat the problem with Orlando AluCore Poly Shutters from American Blinds and Shutters Outlet.

Not only is this type of shutter beautiful but also goes well with lots of different interior design options. They resemble plantation shutters in a way. Add them to your dining room for an elegant look or to your living area for a touch of modern.

Reasons Why You Will Love These Shutters

New shutters are great, but why does a company that specializes in shutters and blinds offer the Poly type? As we mentioned before, we provide homes with customized window solutions as we’re the Orlando based AluCore Poly Shutters experts.

Here are some other benefits to possessing these shutters:

  • They don’t absorb moisture
  • Never need to be painted
  • Can be installed promptly
  • They are made to look straight and not askew

Why Are They Better Than Vinyl Options?

Because vinyl is hollow they don’t hold up as well as AluCore Poly and also are transparent under brighter lighting conditions. Vinyl also offers the lowest insulating value out of all the shutter options types. Vinyl is also cheap looking making your plantation shutters not so classy looking.

The construction of vinyl shutters causes them to eventually turn yellow, due to being exposed to the sun’s violent rays. Vinyl also breaks very easily and is not as durable. If you want a better option go with Poly.

AluCore Poly Shutters Versus Poly Shutters

Kitchen Window Shutters

There are lots of advantages of utilizing AluCore Poly as opposed to regular Poly Shutters. First of all, AluCore Poly is more durable and as the aluminum core makes much wider louvers which makes it possible to have better views wherever they are installed.

AluCore Poly Shutters uses an overlap between the stiles, which makes closing the shutters easy and universal. The precise bevel enables each panel to be opened and closed independently.

Is AluCore Poly the Right Fit For your Home?

Most window frames come completely naked. It’s up to you to decorate them any way you’d like. You can do this using all kinds of window coverings from curtains to shutters of all types and brands. It’s only the right fit for your home if you appreciate them like millions of others do.

Don’t keep thinking about it, call American Blinds and Shutters Outlet today and set up an appointment to have our custom AluCore Poly Shutters installed. We’ll make your house into a home that can be enjoyed by all!

View Photos of Our AluCore Poly Shutters

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