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Choose a Local Window Treatment Company Over Online Shopping

You’re already in the right direction once you choose a local window treatment company over online shopping. Today we‘re going to discuss how both the experiences are different and why the local company wins over online shopping.

Yes, it’s true that online shopping is fascinating. You can see everything through pictures and even they show you how things look in your home when you upload the images. Thanks to technology, everything is done in a jiffy, and from the comfort of your home.

Shopping from a local window treatment company could be a task. First, you have to select the one and then visit their store or schedule a home consultation. Scan through the samples, talking to experts with lots of ifs and buts, and then wait for the installation.

Do you understand that your home is an extension of your personality, so it should be designed the way you like it? We are not saying to not look at the trends but your tastes and preferences and even budget are paramount to any trend.

The window treatment professionals working at the stores have hands-on experience in transforming houses into homes. They know of the latest trends, technology and also have a sense of how these trends and technology be incorporated with local homeowner’s tastes and budgets.

Once you choose them (read on reviews online, talk to people before finalizing!), they come to your home with samples so that you can have a closer look in the natural setting of your home and have a better vision of how the things will look like.

The professional advice that comes along is free of cost and it is not just random thoughts or suggestions. They are based on years of experience and know-how of the latest trends and technology.

Experts are there for you from start to finish. The moment you choose them, an expert starts working closely with you to understand your requirements, tastes, and preferences. They take every project as their own and deliver you the desired results.

Online shopping might give you many style options but customization becomes a big challenge. This is not the case when you work with local professionals. If you have specialty windows and you’re not sure how to cover them, there are professionals around from whom you could seek advice.

Any problems with ordering or delivery, you are left with only phone numbers to get it resolved. Local window treatment companies offer a personal touch to every project they take on. The questions are welcomed and answered too with a smile and patience.

So, whether it is about installing shades, shutters, blinds, draperies, or any other window treatment accessories, choose a local window treatment company over online shopping.

How to properly clean your windows shades?

Window cleaning is easy to remember but window shades often miss the cleaning date. Window coverings are a great way to keep harsh sun rays at bay, maintaining the privacy and enhancing the aesthetics of the place. Cleaning windows shades is once is highly recommended if you want to keep them at their best. Here we bring to you some cleaning procedures of different window shades – a key to maintain them for long.

Ways to clean different window shades

Solar Shades
Solar shades are designed to let in natural light without disturbing the outside view. You can adjust them at different levels striking a perfect balance between light and privacy. They protect your floor and furnishing from scorching sun rays by diffusing the light. While offering all these benefits, these shades do accumulate dust and dirt. However, it’s pretty easy to clean them. Whenever you notice any accumulation of dirt and dust, try to vacuum it out. If the stain seems to be stubborn, apply a mild soapy solution, apply it to the affected area, let it sit for a while, and then wipe it off with a clean damp cloth.

Cellular Shades
They are the most versatile and energy-efficient window covering all the styles present today. Their unique honeycomb style air pockets trap the air not allowing it to escape and thus maintain optimum temperature indoors in summer and winter months. The air pockets can collect debris or even you may notice dead insects inside the air pockets. Vacuuming will eliminate all the accumulated dust and debris making these shades shine again and perform to the best of their capability.

Roller Shades
These shades are immensely popular for their excellent light and privacy control functionality. They also add to the aesthetics. Whenever you need to clean them, follow the top to bottom approach. Start cleaning from the top and vacuum gently to remove the dirt and the dust. You can also make a mixture of warm water and dishwasher soap to remove excess stains and dirt. Vinyl roller shades can be cleaned by removing them from the window and then dipping them in a soapy solution for some time. Thereafter, take them out and clean them with running tap water, leave them to dry, and then put them back again.

Roman Shades
The classic shades – the epitome of beauty and sophistication roman shades are a perfect blend of style and functionality. Since they are made of fabrics, it requires a little patience while cleaning them. Keep the shades in a closed position. Take a duster or vacuum cleaner and remove the dirt. If you spot any stain, make a mixture of detergent and warm water. Be careful while cleaning as the fabric could be damaged.

Woven Wood Shades
These eco-friendly shades are made from natural elements like jute, grass, bamboo, wood. Cleaning them you need to be extra careful as it could be damaged easily. Clean the surface with a duster or vacuum cleaner. Do not use water while cleaning these shades as it may warp or swell leading to fabric damage.

Say Goodbye to Outdated Window Shades

Practicality and style – don’t you find them together? Window treatments are the best answer. Professional installed window treatments are pleasing while working on offering privacy, light control and insulation. If your window treatment is not helping you get this, replace them with any of the below mentioned ones.

What are the best options for outdated window shades?

Vertical Cellular Shades

These shades are good for windows of any length; small, large and also sliding doors. Their unique honeycomb shaped air pockets which keeps your room cool in summers and cozy in winters and save you money on energy bills.

When you’re covering large windows, check for window treatments which offers complete light control. Vertical cellular shades come in options like light filtering, room darkening, blackout and sheer fabrics. You can choose from different cell sizes, fabrics, colors to complement your decor.

Sliding Track Panels

Panel track blinds are a great alternative when you have to replace vertical blinds. They are simple and stylish and come in variety of fabrics also. If you are looking for eco friendly option, they are also available in natural woven materials. Even Plantation Shutters are an interesting way to dress up your windows.

The plantation shutters can be installed inside and so they last long unlike the traditional shutters. You can choose them from different materials – real wood, faux wood, aluminum etc.


A chic way to replace your window shades is drapery. They can completely cover your window or be pulled to a side to enjoy wider outside view. They provide excellent UV protection and insulation when closed. You can also use layer them with blinds and shades for more insulation for your room. Visit thelockboss.ie.

Replace your outdated window shades with drapes which come in an array of textures, print, patterns, fabrics and colors. You can achieve the effect you desire from inviting and cozy to bold and dramatic azlimo.com. Accessorize them with beautiful curtain rods, panels, valances and cornices.

The latest trend which is useful also when you have kids and pets is to motorize your window treatments. Blinds, shades, curtain, drapery all can be motorized for added safety and comfort.

Best window treatment for humid areas in your home

Do all window treatments fit in all spaces in your homes? Humidity and moisture can ruin your windows if you choose the wrong kind. Areas in your home – bathroom, kitchen, laundry room experience more humidity than others. These areas need window treatments made of synthetic materials such as vinyl, faux wood, PVS. These materials tolerate the moisture well and ensure your window treatments stay free from mildew, warps, cracks and chipping.

The best window treatment for humid areas

Faux wood blinds – They mimic the look of real wood blinds without getting warped or chipped under the intense humidity. They also restrict mold and mildew growth. Since they are faux wood, they are extremely durable and last longer than wood blinds. Check https://cherrymodels.tv/. You can easily clean them with a wet wipe. This makes them a value for money proposition.

Vinyl Shutters – They combine the looks of the faux wood blinds with the functionality of the vinyl material. It makes them a perfect pick for the high moisture areas. You can choose them in different colors and designs and add a style statement to your rooms.

Honeycomb shades – Honeycomb shades are excellent insulators. They are also great at withstanding the heat and humidity of bathroom and kitchen areas, check out mythical maids. Moisture does not affect their performance and so they will last long.

What are the worst window treatments for humid areas?

Real Wood Blinds – They are not suited for the moisture areas as they attract fast mildew growth and moisture creeps in pretty quickly. Humidity, moisture and wood – they do not match.

Fabric Window treatments – Roman Shades – The fabric will attract moisture and lead to mold and mildew dlouhy doors inc. They look beautiful but are not an ideal pick for high humidity areas. Get 99Tradesman cost estimate.

Aluminum Mini blinds – With the constant moisture, japanporn.cc, aluminum blinds can rust fast. So stay away from them.

How to layer Window treatments?

Do you want your windows to stand out? The designers recommend layered window treatments if you want to achieve the look. Orlando Shutters Blinds and More will help you choose the right combination of colors and textures to achieve the layered window effect. 

Light Filtering Layers

When you’re confused with how to start layering window treatments, it is better to keep one layer from the light filtering family. The light filtering layer will allow the natural light to come in through the day. The second layer, you can experiment a lot. You can play with colors, patterns and textures. A blackout shade will enhance the privacy at night, and you can enjoy a good night’s sleep.

Choose colors from the same family to create contrasting designs

You do not have to match the colors perfectly when layering the windows. Solar shades can be your first layer in a lighter tone, and you can choose a print drapery as a second layer in dark brown and yellow tones check out the chiropractors escondido. Both the window treatments combine well, and you get a stunning window. 

One color but different textures

If your room has one predominant color, you can layer the window treatment in texture. Choose one color but in different textures. You can take light filtering solar shades and pair it up with blackout drapes or even with stripes. 

Make the dominant pattern a central focal point

If you have chosen a patterned roller or shade as your primary window treatment, you can pick a color from the same pattern for layering. This helps you bind all the décor elements together and create a cohesive look. 

Mix two prints but be cautious

If you are wanting to try something different and unusual, you can think of mixing two prints. We advise you to choose one big and bold prints and the other can be a delicate or small print, find more. You can mix floral prints with stripes, they look good. 

A very important point to remember is that when you wish to combine curtains or drapery with blinds or shades, there should be enough contrast so that the two window treatments have a unique identity and won’t clash.   

If you’re still confused, call our experts home to test with unlimited swatches and get some design ideas.

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